Participant Fee


MMU and Tel Uni



Presenter (first paper)

RM 400

RM 450

USD 130

Presenter (second paper & consecutive papers)

RM 200

RM 250

USD 65


RM 100

RM 100

USD 25


Payment Methods

Type of Payment Method Details
Local Transaction / Payment within Malaysia Online Payment with JomPay • To get started, login to any preferred internet banking
• Look for JomPay to begin the payment process
• Enter
Ref 1: <Participant IC/Passport>
Ref 2: FOMComdite
  Online Payment with
• To get started, go to MMU website > Admission > Finance Info > Payment Channel > Non Student ;
or scan the QR code below to begin the process:

Choose Conference Name & Type:
a) Comdite 2021_Presenter (first paper)
b) Comdite 2021_Second and Consecutive Papers
c) Comdite 2021_Listener
International Payment / Payment outside Malaysia Online payment with Flywire

• To get started, go to; or scan the QR code to begin the payment process:

• Choose “Conference

Please upload the proof of payment during registration in our website for clearance updating purposes (which takes 2 working days).